Bioethics, Humanities & Medicine (BHM)
Interdisciplinary Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Bioethics, Humanities and Medicine is designed to foster students’ understanding of the ethical dimensions of science, health research and health care delivery; to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage and analyze these dimensions; to facilitate students’ integration of their education in the humanities and their understanding of, and approach to, medicine and health care; and to allow students to bring this interdisciplinary knowledge to bear in medical education and practice.

Requirements: The minor requires 18 hours. No more than 3 credits counting towards a major and no more than 6 credits counting towards another minor can also count towards the Bioethics, Humanities and Medicine minor. Courses.

Steering Committee:
Director:   Ana S. Iltis, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Director, Center for Bioethics Health & Society, Tribble Hall B313

Simone M. Caron, PhD, Professor of History, Tribble Hall B103

Mary Foskett, PhD, Wake Forest Kahle Professor of Religion & Albritton Fellow, Wingate Hall 120

Pat Lord, PhD, Teaching Professor of Biology, Winston Hall 223

Tom Phillips, PhD, Director, Wake Forest Scholars Program & The Interdisciplinary Humanities Pathway to Medicine, Reynolda Hall 102

Contact: Stephanie Reitz, Administrative Coordinator, Bioethics, Humanities & Medicine & Center for Bioethics, Health & Society, Tribble Hall B313